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The WÄLLER system

The WÄLLER filing system is a modern and sophisticated means of office filing which helps you save space, time and money.
Tailor made, with individually designed files and very efficient filing furniture to file and store your papers.

The WÄLLER filing system

comprises individual files which are suspended from a tier or rail with the spines vertical and visible. Important data can be read directly from the spine by using self-adhesive colour labels that are stuck onto the spine according to a coding system chosen by the customer.

Using this colour coding system, any classification of your files is possible, e. g.:

- alphabetical - numerical
- alpha-numerical - by date of birth
- postal codes / zip codes - computer key nos.
- reference nos.

or whatever your special requirement might be.

The vertically suspended files incorporate a very clear index pattern which is interrupted by every misplaced file. (It literally steps out of the line.). The files are stored in our WÄLLER carousel cabinets or open carousels. Both alternatives are extremely efficient and offer excellent space saving.

Although for example the WÄLLER carousel cabinet type 91/5 only measures 2 metres in height, 83 cm in width and 86,5 cm in depth you can store up to 2.500 files in this cabinet (depending on the spine thickness and capacity of the files). This means that up to 10 metres of documents can be filed in one cabinet!

The suspension tiers of the cabinet are adjustable to any height and rotate silently in either direction on maintenance-free ball bearings.

The WÄLLER filing system was awarded the Gold Medal at the International Inventor's fair in Brussels.