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Index/File-Out Cards Rails Coloured Signals 


Index and File-Out Cards, File-Out Signals

Index Cards

WÄLLER index cards can be used as a register, for instance when filing by number.

Leitkarte Typ 11 L/D DIN A5

Index Card 11 L/D, size A5

Ref. No. 00005910

Leitkarte Typ 12L/D DIN A4

Index Card 12L/D, size A4

Ref. No. 00005920

Leitkarte Typ 12LS/D DIN A4

Index Card 12LS/D, size A4

Ref. No. 00005921

File-Out Cards

WÄLLER file-out cards indicate which person or department has borrowed a missing file, and when.

Fehlsignal Typ 13/D

File-Out Card 11F/D, size A5

Ref. No. 00005930

Fehlkarte Typ 12F/D Din A4

File-Out Card 12F/D, size A4

Ref. No. 00005940

File-Out Signals

WÄLLER file-out signals are simple placemarkers to show that a file is missing.

Fehlsignal Typ 13/D

File-Out Signal 13/D

Ref. No. 00005950

Fehlsignal Typ 14/D mit 1 Biegerille, ungefalzt

File-Out Signal 14/D
with one crease (not folded) and clear tab 15*75 (+ S 230)

Ref. No. 00005956 + S 230

Fehlsignal Typ 14/D mit weißem Schriftfeld

File-Out Signal 14/D
with white writing panel

Ref. No. 00005960

We manufacture special designs on request. Please tell us what you need!

Index/File-Out Cards Rails Coloured Signals 

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