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Suspension Rails

WÄLLER suspension rails are made of profiled strip steel with a galvanized and chrome-plated surface. Their 3mm thickness and special profile enables them to hold extreme loads. Each end is secured by an end piece. WÄLLER suspension rails can also be built into all conventional shelving and cabinets.

If the rail is over 1.5m long, an intermediate support is needed to prevent torsion!

Hängeschiene Typ 18



Suspension Rail Type 18

Type 18 suspension rails are 30mm high. They can be supplied with either two separate or two welded-on end pieces and are available in any length up to 2000mm.

Maximum load 60kg per metre

Weight 1.5kg per metre

Hängeschiene Typ 18
Hängeschiene Nahaufnahme

Tip: Rails can also be supplied unstraightened and untreated, for the user to cut as required.



Uses for WÄLLER rails...


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We manufacture special designs on request. Please tell us what you need!

Index/File-Out Cards Rails Coloured Signals 

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